Billy Hill writes about an extraordinary life of crime and punishment and his rise to the top of Britain‘s gangland. This book details Billy‘s sensational heists in the 1950’s, for which no one was ever convicted. It’s an entertaining read,giving the reader insight into what made Billy tick.

‘Boss of Britain’s Underworld’caused a media storm when it was first published in 1955. It became a rare classic, quoted in every true crime history of the period but hard to get hold of. Now you can read it for yourself.

This special edition includes an introduction by Billy’s son Justin and never-before-seen photographs.

Justin Hill was born in London on January 21, 1973. He is the only child of Billy Hill, who died in 1984. Billy’s common-law Wife Gyp brought Justin up as her son.Justin is re-publishing this book in his father’s memory and he is also researching and Writing the story of his remarkable family. For more information visit: