Time Stands Still For No Man

Corrina Lunn

Wes appears to be a typical family man with everything until 10.30pm on the evening of a family wedding.

Wes appears to be a typical family man with everything. That is until at 10.30pm on the evening of a family wedding, when Wes’ life and that of his family is about to change irrevocably. Fuelled by a day of alcohol, Wes convinces everyone he is fine to drive knowing he is putting his family in jeopardy. The worst happens and Wes crashes leaving his family dead.


Book Description

In October 2017, Phoenix Proofreading announced a ‘Cosy Night In Short Story Competition’ on local social media. The entrants were allowed to choose their genre but were set a word count limit. The competition winner would be given gifts from collaborators: a luxury scented candle from Elizabeth Manford of the Wax House Candle Company, a beautiful rainbow heart cushion from Cath Bamber of Little Things to Cherish and Nigel Stewart’s book ‘Colouring In’. The competition closed at the end of October and judging took place. Viv Ainslie, owner of Phoenix Proofreading, invited guest judges to assist in the decision-making process. Eventually it was decided that Corrina Lunn’s story ‘Time Stands Still for No Man’ was the winner and the runner up was Linda Hampton. It was felt that Corrina’s story created a raft of emotions in the reader in a hauntingly beautifully written way. Her story is produced here by Ainslie and Fishwick Publishing Ltd: an Indie publishing company with a difference. Viv Ainslie is Editor in Chief and is partnered with Steve Fishwick, Technical and Creative Director.

About The Author Corrina currently lives with her husband Nick in Blackpool where they are parents to non-identical twins, Emily and Benjamin. The twins were diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare inherited condition and Corrina does a lot of work to raise awareness of this condition. She is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, working Read more »

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