About The Author

Corrina currently lives with her husband Nick in Blackpool where they are parents to non-identical twins, Emily and Benjamin. The twins were diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare inherited condition and Corrina does a lot of work to raise awareness of this condition. She is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, working with children under 5 years old with special needs, such as autism and eating and drinking difficulties.

Corrina is an avid reader and has been writing stories since she was young. She is an advocate of childhood literacy and believes children should be introduced to the world of books from an early age and be encouraged to write their own stories.

Corrina was the winner of a Short Story competition organised by Viv Ainslie of Phoenix Proofreading. Her winning tale ‘Time Stands Still For No Man’ is her first story to reach a public audience.